The sun is shining, water bottles are being refilled, and our t-shirt/shorts are seeing the light of day again. Summer is just around the corner! We all are daydreaming of achieving our fitness goals as we drive around in cars with the windows down. You may have been exercising leading up to this summer, or you may have not started. Either way, it seems you get a good start towards a new workout routine but it’s almost impossible to maintain.

Don’t fret.

There’s light at the end of this tunnel. I see it! Grab onto your dumbbells and protein shakes, we can veer off at the next exit. What are we veering off towards? It’s called non-scale victories.

Non-scale victories are small measurements of success in your fitness journey that encourages you as you exercise, without using the scale. This gives you the ability to be encouraged by the progress you have made towards your fitness goals, while simultaneously giving you hope to hold onto and to help you regenerate motivation.

Examples of non-scale victories:

  • Less daily pain
  • More energy during the day
  • You can do more reps (number) of an exercise
  • Clothes fit more loosely
  • You see small improvements to your physique
  • Your confidence improves
  • You are more kind to yourself

As a fitness professional, I have learned non-scale victories have kept my clients refreshed and energized:

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Look for my next post coming in June!