Summer vacations are here! As Janice once told Chandler Bing, “Well, I’ll write you every day. 15, Yemen Road, Yemen.” Whether you plan on going to Yemen or just the state next door, travel season is upon us as we all prepare for our glorious summer vacations.

How do I stay active in a new environment? The best part about fitness and traveling, you don’t have to take your dumbbells with you to get an awesome workout in. You can exercise in your hotel room, on the beach, you can even do core training as you drive in your car. The key is using your bodyweight as your tool, to work against your own resistance and create movement.

An example of this is a standing squat. You are improving the strength in your legs as they control the weight of your body moving up and down. You want to increase the difficulty? Try a single leg squat. Those are next level. You want to increase endurance? Try squat jumps to elevate your heart rate. When you feel the burning sensation during an exercise, you are reaching the peak stamina in your muscles. Feel the burn!

Don’t want to workout at all on vacation? When you laugh, try pushing your bellybutton to your spine and engage the core. This will help you strengthen your stomach. If you need ideas on what to do for a workout, here’s my June challenge for you:

-standing squats (15 reps, 1 set)
-squat jumps (10 reps, 1 set)
-push-ups (10 reps, 1 set)
-standing arm circles – keep the circles small/tight (30 seconds, 1 set)
-plank on ground (1 minute, 1 set)
-side plank on ground (30 seconds each side, 1 set)

If you want to be an overachiever, do this workout two times through.

Let’s go friends!

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Look for my next post coming in July!