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Meet with our certified trainer for a free fitness consult and a free one hour private training session.

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Personalized training programs built specifically for the individuals needs with an emphasis on technique and form.  If you are like most people, just going to the gym isn’t enough if you truly want to see results. Fitness Journey offers private training, tandem training and fitness programs to help you with your fitness goals. Meet with one of our certified fitness and nutrition professionals to develop your personal plan for success.

Private Training

Fitness Journey is a personal training gym that offers private training, tandem training and group training. Meet with one of our certified fitness professionals to develop your personal plan for success. We offer free fitness consultations.

PNF Stretching

Flexibility is key for athletes and nonathletes alike. It allows you to move freely and comfortably in your daily life, and can also help prevent injury during exercise. One of the best ways to increase your flexibility is by stretching. 

Open Gym

Open gym allows any member to come and workout during times available.  We are currently taking reservations to control the amount of people working out at a time.  Fitness Journey has partner with Tivity® Health to provide open gym membership to SilverSneakers® and Prime® Fitness members.  Renew Active™ is here to help you stay fit, stay focused and stay you. Plus, it’s available at no additional cost with UnitedHealthcare® Medicare plans.  


John Walter - Trainer

I have learned from the hundreds of clients I have trained over the years that staying active is the best way to ward off joint pain and gaining weight. Whether you are brand new to the gym, or struggling to rise above fitness plateaus; I am here to provide the guidance needed to help achieve your goal. My goal is to create an avenue of accountability to ensure your success in whatever your endeavor.

Lauren Guerrero - Trainer

My main focus as your personal trainer will be to help you move & feel better for the rest of your life! I began working in the fitness industry 6 years ago & have found myself working more & more with women pre & post-natal after having two of my own. I enjoy helping you feel better & have customized my training style to fit many needs including stretching, kinesio taping, weight training, and cross-training.

Caitlyn Fowler - Trainer

Connecting with clients and making them feel amazing is my passion.  As a personal trainer and nutrition coach, it’s my goal to give my clients a positive experience that inspires them to accomplish and maintain their happiest and healthiest version of themselves. I want to help clients enjoy their lives to the fullest, whilst looking, feeling, and performing how they want to. So when can we start?

Matthew Hoffman - Trainer

With over 7 years of personal training experience, Matthew understands what it takes to set and reach your health and fitness goals.  He has experience helping clients with anything from improving A1C scores to setting lifting records to entering physique competitions.  Above all else, Matthew believes that training and nutrition coaching should be sustainable and enjoyable for the client.

Dawud Hakim - Trainer

Military has been the foundation of my life of continuous training and readiness of the mind, body, and spirit. As your personal trainer, I will bring the same motivation, and determination while working with you to achieve your personal goals. My scope ranges from assisting in active daily living for special populations and sports performances for all age ranges. I look forward to training you soon!

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Meet with one of our certified fitness and nutrition professionals to develop your personal plan for success. Be ready for the best workout ever!


I have trained with John for several years and he has always personalized my workouts based on my fitness goals, progress, and lifestyle. I was recently pregnant and was extremely impressed with John’s ability to keep me in excellent shape throughout the entire pregnancy. I was able to continue my workouts through 36 weeks and he was very conscientious about any limitations I had as I progressed. I was even able to return to the gym 6 weeks postpartum and have felt great! I couldn’t have accomplished any of this without John’s experience and expertise!

Coreen Bisel

This team has really put together the perfect place to continue my fitness journey. The equipment is brand new and I appreciate not having to wait for machines. I also like the boutique feel. The trainers are the bomb! They are incredibly knowledgeable about the body and how to best utilize your time to achieve your personal goals. I love working with the team at Fitness Journey!

Hope Howe



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