Pre-Post Partum Training

Training With John Walter

As a father of one daughter (with another child on the way!) I’ve witnessed the everyday affects a pregnancy can have on a woman’s ever-changing body. I have trained numerous pregnant women during my 13 years as a personal trainer. Staying fit during pregnancy was uniquely different for each of them. To start, my number one point of emphasis is safety. We always begin by making sure the client has permission from her doctor before beginning a training program.

One of the biggest factors to determine whether a training program is proper for the woman is previous activity levels. I absolutely recommend training your body before pregnancy; it can aid in preparing the body for the upcoming changes. If the client has been training prior to pregnancy, it is much easier to continue training well into the duration of the pregnancy. But worry not, we can always design a program even if mom hasn’t been exercising.

 If you haven’t been lifting weights or had any guidance in weight training, it would be wise to meet with a fitness professional. The answer isn’t always lifting weights. Maybe stretching or some form of yoga would be a great way to stay in shape during those 40 weeks. I offer that expertise as well. Sure, you could watch YouTube videos on how to exercise while you are pregnant; but are you sure that exercise regimen works well for you and your baby?

pre-post partum training

pre-post partum training at fitness journey.  pre-post partum training will help your body be prepare.  Free consultation on pre-post partum training

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Client Testimonials

I have trained with John for several years and he has always personalized my workouts based on my fitness goals, progress, and lifestyle. I was recently pregnant and was extremely impressed with John’s ability to keep me in excellent shape throughout the entire pregnancy. I was able to continue my workouts through 36 weeks and he was very conscientious about any limitations I had as I progressed. I was even able to return to the gym 6 weeks postpartum and have felt great! I couldn’t have accomplished any of this without John’s experience and expertise!

Coreen B.

“Definitely a place to go for a top-notch training experience. They are very experienced, knowing what’s best for each individual and how to adapt programs to fit your needs. And they are both really fun to work with! I feel confident sending my physical therapy patients here knowing that they are in good hands. Thanks, guys!”

Laura M.

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Fitness Journey is the best facility in Lenexa, KS to help you reach your fitness goals! We offer private training in a clean studio with new fitness equipment. Our Team of Certified Personal Trainers is dedicated to helping each of our clients achieve their personal fitness goals. Meet with one of our certified fitness and nutrition professionals to develop your personal plan for success. We offer free fitness consultations. During your consultation, your coach will go over health history, exercise experience, nutritional habits, and fitness goals. Your coach may also acquire some baseline measurements such as weight, girths, and a movement analysis.

Our mission at Fitness Journey is to promote a healthier and active way of life for our clients. With over 15 years of experience in personal training our trainers are here to consult with you and create the fitness plan that will help you towards a healthier, more active lifestyle.